Where Does Jeff Wolf Get His Inspiration From To Create Such Magnificent Bronze Sculptures? November 26, 2016 14:51

When I received information on Jeff Wolf's new upcoming Bronze Sculpture entitled "The Edge of Winter, I asked him where he gets his inspiration from. He responded with the following which really moved me and I wanted to share it all of you.


Like most artists, I am often asked where my inspiration comes from.

You might as well ask how I breathe.

I can only explain it by saying it is simply who I am. Somehow, some way, inspiration is a motivation that holds me inescapably captive. It finds me in many places and a multitude of forms: in dreams, in personal experiences, in unique faces or actions I encounter in public, in family and friends, in stories, in the works of other artists, in those who appreciate and collect my work, and elsewhere—everywhere.

Intertwined with inspiration is the insatiable desire to create. When inspiration strikes, I form a vision of what is to be created; a vision that repeats over and over in my mind until an image, scene, or event becomes so vivid that the sculpture seems to magically create itself. Other times, the inspiration and vision are so spontaneous and intense they come like a flood, begging to be brought forth at that moment.

When seized by inspiration, I am but a vessel meant to create; captive to forces of nature that will not be denied and refuse any alternative. My hands seem only to serve as tools to give that inspiration life, to watch its unique personality emerge, and to tell its story. If the viewer cannot read the story in the sculpture, then I have failed the inspiration that sought me out as its author.

At both the beginning and end of art, it is the magic of inspiration that stimulates what some call a gift, some call talent, and some call genius."

Jeff Wolf