"What advise would you give a new collector of cultural art?" June 28, 2015 10:58

I recently responded to a potential buyer who asked the question, "What advise would you give a new collector of cultural art?" I responded with the following, since others who visit my site for the first time, might also want to ask this question.

Dear New Time Collector:

Nice to meet you and thanks for checking out my shop. Good question. I will give you the same suggestions I give to everyone, and the same advise that was given to me almost 50 years ago when I asked the same question.

The most important thing to consider, is whether or not you like it.

Second might be if it seems to reach out and grab you, when this happens you will know what I mean, and

Third might be, if it speaks to you.

How much you can resell it for is the last thing to consider, because in the long run, it is only worth what someone else will pay for it.

You should also buy the very best that you can afford, this will increase the chances of getting your money back, in the event you would like to sell it in the future or trade it up for something better. Provenance is also important to consider on higher priced pieces. The story behind the piece and who owned it before you can increase the resale value as well.

Seeking advice is also important. In my store, all of my items have some background and history if I can find it, so you know what you are getting. If you are in doubt, ask for advice.

There are no stupid questions. Part of what I enjoy most about this "End of Life Project" of putting Culturalpatina together is to help folks understand what these art forms are really about.

I am interested in selling the items, but most importantly is to find the items a good home so that you become part of the story as it continues its journey to the next individual who might be taken by it.

Please let me know if you see anything of interest when you are ready. If you want to chat about it, please feel free to call me at 703-503-8019 or email me at Thanks again for checking in and hope you have a nice weekend.