Continuing Changes at the Culturalpatina Gallery August 28, 2015 13:26

One of the most difficult things to do in creating my "End of Life Project-Culturalpatina" is to let go of some very important parts of me as I move forward on this new path.

This includes things like my Moose and Elk mounts.The mounts have both been donated to the local Moose and Elk Lodges.

Harvey the moose just left for his new Moose Lodge home today. It saddens me that he is gone, but delights me that it has found a good home where he will be appreciated for years to come. The snaps are attached.

The first one is of Moose Members Mark Smith, Administrator of Centerville Moose Lodge #2168 and his District Governor, Bill Stollhans. The second snap is of me (the good looking one on the left) making the transfer to the District Governor, and the final snap is Harvey being strapped in for the ride to his new home. The Elk mount will be on its way to the local Elk's Lodge tomorrow