The Over Payment Scam October 8, 2016 10:31

Had another disappointment early in the week from a scam artist in Canada. He bought one of my Naga necklaces and was paying with a check. The next day he told me that his accountant had written a check for me and another person who purchased a sewing machine by mistake. The scam artist apologized and ask that when the check cleared by bank account, that I send the money for the sewing machine to the local purchaser. I went back and told him that I was uncomfortable doing this and asked him to send me a check for the exact amount due, and when I received his first check, I would destroy it. He told me OK and then everything went dead.

Last night I received a note from the Etsy Trust and Safety folks letting me know that this was a scam called "The Over Payment" scam. The goal of the buyer is to convince me to send funds to a third party after receiving a check that will eventually bounce or be reversed, even if the funds initially clear. Every time, I think this will never happen again to me, it does. Always reminds me to stay in condition Red. Thought some of you other sellers might be interested in knowing about this.