Scam Alert, Scam Alert, Scam Alert, Scam Alert August 1, 2017 16:26

This is a scam alert. About a week back I had a customer by the name of Josh Benningnton at 42 E Greywing Cir, Spring, TX 77382) tell me he wanted to purchase one of my items on culturalpatina. He said he would be sending me a check for the purchase amount and the was going out of town and would let me know, after the check had cleared, how he wanted the delivery handled.

A day or so later he sends me an email telling me that he had arranged a storage company for me to send the item to and they would hold it until he got back in town. To make his out of town story believable, he even sent me a copy of his airline ticket routing showing name, aircraft and departure times along with ending locations.

Then he sends me a another email telling me that he has added a little extra in the check he was sending me to take care of this storage charge for him. On Tues of this week, I received the check for $1,200.00 over the purchase amount of the item. The check looked almost legitimate except, the signature block was not signed, the name was printed.

I took it to the bank and they told me that it was a fraud. If I would have deposited the check, it probably would have cleared and then I would have sent the little extra he had included to his storage operator. Thinking everything was great, some 10 days later the bank would have caught the fraud and demanded the full amount back from me, and I would have been fucked.

As most of you know, I work very, very hard at culturalpatina and find these types of scams repulsive. I normally have my security team track down the IP address and then they go collect these slime balls and bring them back to me. Upon receipt, I cut them up into little pieces and toss the body parts into a vat of sulfuric acid.

Please be aware that there are a lot of folks out there trying to scam small business owners. I get these at least once a week, but nothing this sophisticated. The fucking check even had a metallic sticker on it telling me that this insures against check fraud.

I have now sent this low life a nice love noet, letting him know his ass is grass and my security team is in route to collect him and bring him back to me. I will eliminate one more of these pricks so we no longer have to deal with them once I have my hands on him.