Jeff Wolf and his Bronze Artistry May 2, 2017 16:09

Our new article on the renowned western artist has just been published in the May 5th edition of Antiques and the Arts Weekly, "The Gallery". We are on page 4 and 6. You can read the article at this link file:///C:/Users/Dennis%20Brining/Downloads/Gallery%2005-05-07%20page%206%20(1).pdf. I hope you will take the time to read this fascinating piece about Jeff.

As you may recall, we did the same type of article last year on the renowned western artist James P. Regimbal with a great deal of success. I am hoping that by publishing these types of articles on the artists that culturalpatina represents, we will build up a following of folks who are not only interested in the art form and piece, but also on the artist and what goes into making these investment grade masterpieces.