An Outstanding Ron Stewart, Oil Painting, "In The Morning Glow" for Valentine's Day. February 4, 2016 10:40

Description: Western Artist, Ron Stewart (Arizona Born 1941), Oil Painting titled ''In The Morning Glow'', This is an extraordinary painting and speaks volumes of what an Indian camp may have been like in the past, in the wee hours of the morning.

Dimensions: Sight 32 x 40 inches, Overall 47 x 55 inches

Condition: Excellent condition

Provenance: From Ron Stewart Gallery

Some background on Ron and his monumental paintings:

A note from Sharon, Ron's wife on the subject: "Ron has done a lot of larger paintings. Sometimes they are commissions, or galleries request a large piece for their bigger walls, and sometimes he just feels like a challenged! He has done 4 ft by 10 ft, stagecoach paintings, and 6 ft by 4 ft commissions, and 3 ft X 8 ft, and he has done a 40 ft X 60 ft for a Scottsdale Ins. Co. Many, Many through the years. (In fact we have a 40 ft X 60 ft painting of a stagecoach with the Superstitions in the background, and a flock of quail in the fore ground. It hangs in Ron's studio on a very large wall with skins and artifacts around it. (It's awesome I think, but I'm prejudice!)"

Ron had the following to say about the piece: "Morning Glow" is a Blackfeet Village with Braves who have returned with stolen ponies from a raid against the Crow Indians. Watering them in the morning light, and recounting their prowess at stealing fine ponies and at their status among the tribe. Most stolen ponies were distributed among tribal members to further enhance their place in the tribe. The figures and horses were from the Artist Shoot in South Dakota, and the figures adapted from Sioux Indians that modeled for me there. (Blackfoot & Sioux were enemies so did not tell them at the time that they would be Blackfoot!) Tepees are from my reference from the Black Powder Rendevous's from Montana and Wyoming back in the 70's."
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