Culturalpatina Official Open House October 19, 2015 11:55

Culturalpatina's had the official open house yesterday from 12-5. The work of over 40 artists in my collections were on display, with a focus on western art, southwestern prehistoric and historic pottery, Navajo rugs, bronze sculptures, Naga adornments and textiles. Throughout the day, we had over 40 visitors with a wide range of art interests. 

The open house was held to thank all of those who supported culturalpatina's development, and to dedicate my art collection to my Mothers memory. She loved art as I do and without her financial support the gallery would not have happened.

I have posted a representative sample of snaps taken before and during the event. I thought I would be able to make a short video, but did not have the time given the number of questions and tutorials given during the course of the event.

Now we have to get back to work, and get this new order out to a client in Hong Kong who just purchased one of my historic Kuwaiti camel saddle bags. I am open Monday-Saturday from 9-5, and all of my items are listed on the culturalpatina web site. If you see something you like, please give me a call at 703-503-8019 or email me at All sales are conducted via the internet only.