New Ron Stewart Monumental Oil Paintings Added the Culturalpatina Collection October 3, 2015 13:45

Three new Ron Stewart Monumental Oil Paintings have been added to the Culturalpatina collection. According to Ron's wife Sharon:  "Ron has done a lot of larger paintings. Sometimes they are commissions, or galleries request a large piece for their bigger walls, and sometimes he just feels like a challenged! He has done 4 ft by 10 ft, stagecoach paintings, and 6 ft by 4 ft commissions, and 3 ft X 8 ft, and he has done a 40 ft X 60 ft for a Scottsdale Ins. Co. Many, Many through the years. (In fact we have a 40 ft X 60 ft painting of a stagecoach with the Superstitions in the background, and a flock of quail in the fore ground. It hangs in Ron's studio on a very large wall with skins and artifacts around it. (It's awesome I think, but I'm prejudice!)"

These are extraordinary paintings and Ron has provided an insiders view of how he created them. These are titled: "Phoenix Bound", "In Morning Glow" and "Canyon Escape". Check them out and let me know what you think. They will be on display at the up coming culturalpatina Gallery open house on Oct 18th, which is right around the corner.