Custom Made Necklace: Tuareg Lock From Niger in North Africa #1109

$ 1,500.00

Extraordinary Custom Made Necklace:

Tuareg Lock With Accompanying Key Etched With Traditional Motifs, From Niger in North Africa #1109

Description: # 1109 This was my personal necklace and the story of the unique and beautiful piece follows: Extraordinary Custom Made Necklace: Tuareg Lock With Accompanying Key Etched With Traditional Motifs,and gorgeous vintage pendant in this necklace is from the Tuareg people in Niger, North Africa. The lock was purchased from Ineke Hemminga, The accompanying beads/components came from around the world to help complement the Lock. The necklace was put together by master cultural jewelry maker, Bioux Walla,

A rare old find from the Sahara, this Tuareg lock with accompanying key has been etched with traditional motifs, from Niger in North Africa. This amazing piece is made of silver, copper and brass and has a layered geometric design.

It is tarnished and its subtle patina show signs of age and use. It comes with a key, which was incorporated into the pendant as part of the design.

The key to this pendant has been integrated into the pendant itself. And Masbaha-Tasbih prayer beads with sterling silver nails have been added to the side of the lock and two on the wire loops that hand from the lock to provide more continuity between the pendant and the necklace.

The Tuareg pendant, including the attached lock is approx. 90mm (3.54 inches) long and approx. 82mm ( 3.2” ) wide and approx. 17mm deep.

Hand forged thick copper rings connect the pendant to the necklace portion of the piece.

At the top of the necklace are two strands of beads with vintage Tuareg tribal silver from the 1920's. Capping the silver Tuareg beads are Tuareg brass stamped cornerless cube beads that have been individually patterned by hand with a traditional motif. They are also from the 1920's.

Thai Karen Hill Tribe silver beads have been placed in-between the Tuareg beads to provide interest. The shape and detailing of these beads compliment the Tuareg beads.

These beads are 97-99% silver and handmade by Thai Karen Hill Tribe People using old traditional techniques passing from generation to generation.

Two large large Islamic Prayer Beads made of black coral - Komboloi-Tasbih, with sterling silver nails, and red and blue inlays provide color and texture and transition the front of the necklace to the back.

Antique gold finished handmade brass beads from Nepal, capped with Tuareg brass stamped cornerless cube beads continue throughout the necklace. They are interspersed with small vintage hand crafted coco kuka Masbaha Tasbih prayer beads with sterling silver nails.

The Tuareg are nomads and are known for their history of trans-Saharan caravan and salt trade. Today the Tuareg's are a pastoral people who have mostly settled in West Africa.

The Tuareg are sometimes called the “Blue People” because of the indigo pigment in the cloth of their traditional robes and turbans, stained their skin blue.

The necklace is approx. 24.5 inches long (includes clasp).

The clasp is handmade of brass and has a brass chain extension (approx. 3 inches) with a coco kuku Masbaha Tasbih prayer bead dangle.

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