Jeff Wolf, Entitled "Daybreak" Limited Edition, Available 6 of 20, #1019

$ 8,900.00

Western Bronze Sculpture,

by Renowned Western Artist, Jeff Wolf,

Entitled "Daybreak", Limited Edition, 6 of 20,

1019 Description: Daybreak is a portrait of myself, my dog Blue and my good horse Benny. During my full time cowboy / buckaroo days it was standard practice on most ranches to start the day long before sunup. Sometimes we would trot five to ten miles before we even saw a cow. It was not uncommon to ride up to 40 miles on any given day and as many as 60. Some of the most beautiful and spectacular sunrises I have ever seen was in the high desert country of Utah and Nevada. Sculpting this piece brought me back to days of open country, the smell of sagebrush, good friends both two and four legged and all the memories I made along the way.

Dimensions: 36”L x 35”H x 15”W, approximately 60 pounds.

Condition: Excellent, Available 6 of 20

Provenance: Jeff Wolf; 2016

Biography of Jeff Wolf and Achievements Follow:

Persistence makes perfect: The trail to the top of the Western Art world is steep and narrow. It is littered with obstacles, beset with sheer drop-offs, and hindered by unexpected twists and turns. Sculptor Jeff Wolf has ridden that trail for more than twenty-five years and reached heights few artists attain. Along the way he has placed bronzes in prominent museums and permanent exhibits, in prestigious private collections, and on display in public venues. He has been bestowed with honors and awards, recognized in juried competitions, and called upon to teach and demonstrate.

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