Western Bronze, "Rocky Trails" by James Regimbal, Limited Edition, 23/50, Ca 1978, #990

$ 10,200.00

Western Décor

990. Description: Western Bronze, "Rocky Trails" by James Regimbal, Limited Edition, 23/50, Ca 1978

Dimensions: 15" high x 15" Wide x 9" deep

Condition: Excellent for its age

Provenance: Rudy Valee Estate

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Artist: James Regimbal strives to pass on the true story of our American heritage through his bronze sculpture. According to James:

"Only the best of my work is good enough to be cast in bronze. Work that has been fully designed and completely executed should have this liberty. It's not the cost of bronze itself, though very expensive to have cast, but the everlasting life and beauty of bronze. Knowing that in years to come these sculptures will still be in existence and appreciated, passing on a true story of our heritage. The demand we put on creating excellence today is to show our selves and future generations. The work that has been completed in this life long collection is a culmination of decades of genuine American creativity,  craftsmanship ,labor and talent. Like in the past, as in European country's the artist and craftsmen would work without seeming end. Time wasn't of the essence, but quality, accuracy and demand for excellence was always present in those days.

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