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Western Artist

Ron Stewart, Oil Painting, "Canyon Escape"

777. Description: Ron Stewart, oil painting, “Canyon Escape”, Ca 2014. This is an extraordinary oil painting and is extremely large. It feels like the horses are coming out of the painting right into the viewer. The detail on Ron's horses are very good as well, and you can almost feel the water splash on you as close in for a closer look at the action.

Dimensions: Site 40” x 60”, Overall 53” x 73”.

Condition: Excellent Condition

Provenance: Ron Stewart Gallery
Some background on Ron and his monumental paintings:

A note from Sharon, Ron's wife on the subject: "Ron has done a lot of larger paintings. Sometimes they are commissions, or galleries request a large piece for their bigger walls, and sometimes he just feels like a challenged! He has done 4 ft by 10 ft, stagecoach paintings, and 6 ft by 4 ft commissions, and 3 ft X 8 ft, and he has done a 40 ft X 60 ft for a Scottsdale Ins. Co. Many, Many through the years. (In fact we have a 40 ft X 60 ft painting of a stagecoach with the Superstitions in the background, and a flock of quail in the fore ground. It hangs in Ron's studio on a very large wall with skins and artifacts around it. (It's awesome I think, but I'm prejudice!)"

Ron had the following to say about the piece: "Canyon Escape" was done for me! The Apaches had always raided the homesteads and stole their livestock. The setting is the Superstitions. (In my mind they were stealing Old Man Reavis's stock. They left him alone because according to legend, he came out firing pistols at them wearing only gun holsters and totally nude. They believed him crazy and that the spirits would punish them if he was harmed!) Reference for the painting was from photos of horses running in water from an Artist Shoot I went to in South Dakota, and the setting is from my own personal photos of the Superstitions. The Apaches were adapted from Sioux Indians from the Pine Ridge Reservation that I photographed running a group of horses. (I just changed their apparel)"
Additional Ron Stewart Paintings can be found at:https://www.etsy.com/your/shops/CulturalPatina/sections/16492699 and his Bronze work can be found at:https://www.etsy.com/your/shops/CulturalPatina/sections/16131018
Ron Stewart is a painter and sculptor of western, historical, wildlife, and animal subjects. He was born in Brooklyn, NY.

In the over-crowded field of contemporary western artists, Ron Stewart’s professional achievements have made his work familiar to a wide range of discriminating collectors. Ron is among those who is tied hard and fast to the quality of painting and the historical fidelity of the Old West Masters.

The refined artistic abilities, in watercolor, oil, and bronze, are truly distinguished, but Ron brings more to his work than just the technical competence of a western illustrator.

The Ron Stewart hallmark is the representation of the mood and the atmosphere appropriate to whatever he approaches. His paintings breathe life into the dusty pages of western history, be it the bawl of longhorn cattle, the war whoop of the red men, or the mountain man in his wilderness solitude.

Ron has received awards multiple times at the competitive Death Valley Invitational (5), the George Phippen Memorial (3), and Best of Show, and Best Watercolor at the Pikes Peak National Invitational Show (2), and he also received numerous awards at the Western Artist of America, including three gold medals in Watercolor, two Silver medals in Watercolor, and one Silver medal in Oil, and one Silver medal in Bronze.

His work can be seen at Mountain Trail Galleries in Jackson, Wyoming; Signature Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona, and Santa Fe, NM; Long coat Gallery, Ruidoso, NM; Sanders Gallery, Tucson, AZ and the Culturalpatina Gallery in Fairfax, VA . His life was chronicled in Artists of the Rockies and the Golden West in winter of 1979, Ron and his wife Sharon have resided in Arizona for the last 45 years.

Stewart has exhibited throughout the West in juried and group shows, collecting a variety of top awards for his works, including numerous gold and silver medals in oil, watercolor, bronze and drawing. International collections include locations in England, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Spain, the Philippines, and Japan.

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