Vintage Necklace : Vintage Silver Princess Necklace from China #442

$ 1,250.00

Vintage Necklace

442. Description: Vintage Silver Princess Necklace from China collected some 45 years ago. The piece opens like a puzzle. One lifts off the square center piece up and then the main focal piece can be removed. The two sides are then pulled apart to put around the neck, after which the process is reversed to put it back together.

It is made of silver, with beads of turquoise, and coral and the center focal point reads as follows:Dragons and Phoenix's both have Good Fortunes .

The bracelet that accompanies the piece is of the same age and shows the beginning of cloisonne application. Both pieces are in excellent condition considering the age CA 1800's or earlier, and have been professionally framed under glass. The frame is approximately 20" x 12".

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