Vintage Indonesian Carved Water Buffalo Scapula Bone. Ca. 1900's, # 1137

$ 350.00

intage Indonesian

Carved Water Buffalo Scapula Bone. Ca. 1900's, # 1137

Description: # 1137, Vintage Indonesian Carved Water Buffalo Scapula Bone. Ca. 1900's

Dimension: 14" x 7"

Condition: Excellent condition for its age 

This piece was acquired in Jakarta Indonesia in the 1990's while on a business trip for talks with the Russian Embassy and Indonesian Space Launch Authority. I was trying to help my company compete on an upcoming bid to launch one of Indonesian communication satellites. While on some brake time, I went out to the antique section of the city to see what I could find. 

After a while of finding nothing of interest, I stumbled into a little hole in the wall shop. In the corner I see this piece hanging back in the corner. Upon closer examination, I saw an ant on the string hold the piece from the ceiling but did not think anything of this at the time. Needless to say, I thought I had found the treasure to beat all treasures. After a lengthy bit of negotiations, I final acquired this ancient magnificent bone carving. When I go back to my team and showed them my prize, they all thought I was crazy. The next day was the weekend so the team and I went out to a tourist area. 

After a while, one of my team mates told me that he had found something I should see. I rounded the corner of a stall and I saw and old man siting on a stool with a giant pile of Water Buffalo Scapula bones, each one with an intricate of carving and a fresh coat of shoe polish to give them an ancient feel. He was turning this out like pop corn. I felt really dumb. It did reaffirmed the point that one should only purchase items that they really like regards of cost or age. Every time, I forget this I am reminded of this experience in Jakarta.

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