Rare Ramos Black Double Lobed Pottery Jar, Ca. 1250-1650 A.D., # 1669

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Description: # 1669 Rare Ramos Black Double Lobed Pottery Jar . Black ware pottery double lobed jar having a very slightly flared rim. Casas Grandes. Ca. 1250-1650 A.D.
Condition: Intact, excellent. condition.
Dimensions: 6-1/2”H. x 8”D.
Provenance: Private Florida Physicians collection, acquired 1970s - 1990s.
First posted by C. Dean Wilson
"Ramos Black was defined by Sayles (1936). This type is characterized by a black surface that reflects smudging during the final stages of firing, often over a slipped red surface (DiPeso and others 1974; Sayles 1936). Surfaces are commonly black and extremely polished on both surfaces. Red paste with a black core is common, although some have a black paste. Patches of red may be observed on the exterior surface. Vessel forms include closed bowls, jars, and effigies".
"Smudged forms may occasionally exhibit incised decorations similar to those described for Playas Incised Red. Di Peso’s suggested derivation from Convento Red, Chipicuaro Black, or black ware from southern Nayari. This type also resembles types known to have been produced in areas of the Mogollon region to the north including Reserve Smudged from the Mogollon Highlands as well as Tewa or Kapo Black that was much later produced in the Northern Rio Grande region".( Source: Pottery Tecnology Project)
DiPeso, Charles C., John B. Rinaldo, y Gloria C. Fenner
1974 Casas Grandes: A Fallen Trading Center of the Gran Chichimeca,Vol. 6: Ceramics and Shell. Amerind Foundation Publications 9(4–8). Northland Press, Flagstaff.
Sayles, Edward B.
1936 Archaeological Survey of Chihuahua, Mexico. Medallion Paper 22. Gila Pueblo, Globe.

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