Ichma???, Chancay/Chimu Like Pottery, Ca 1000-1400 CA #950

$ 3,000.00

Pre Colmbian Ichma??? (Chancay/Chimu)

Pottery Container, Curiosity #7

950. Description: Rare Pre Colombian Ichma?? (Chancay/Chimu) Like pottery container Curiosity #7 Peru, 1100-1440 AD?

Dimensions: 16” x 11.5”

Condition: Very good for its age. Some erosion on the lip, and to the pigment on the riverside of the piece.

Provenance: Collection of C. Nielson, MD, passed down from her grandfather.

The piece has the characteristics of both Chancay and Chimu cultures. A local Peruvian archaeologist believes that this came as a result of trade between the Ichma- Curiosity #7 and both the Chancay and Chimu cultures. I continue researching the piece to try and pin down an exact culture that might have made this.

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