Naga Pottery Pot : Rare Small Khiamungan Earthen Pottery Pot from Nagaland, NE Inda #420

$ 250.00

Naga Pottery Pot

Rare Small Khiamungan Earthen Pottery Pot

420. Small Khiamungan Earthen Pottery pot from Nagaland, NE India. Approximately 5" x 5.5". Surface has striations made from the wooded pottery making paddle. Very good condition for it‰۪s age which is estimated late 20th century.

Pottery was known to the early Naga's and was mostly done by the womenfolk. The pots made were generally very simple and importance was given to its functional value rather than aesthetics. Tseminyu and Ungma village were well known for pottery but aluminum and steel vessels have long replaced the simple clay pots.

Pottery is made by women in the village. They use pinching, coil and the beating method to make vessels of daily use. The vessels have distinctive purposes, shapes and names according to function.

Women collect clay from nearby streams and mountains. They then beat it with bamboo logs on a wooden slab and add water from bamboo containers. The pots are pinched into a basic shape and left to dry to leather hard. They are then beaten to a precise shape using tools made of bamboo, wood and clay. After this, they are fired in a pit with local wood.

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