Native American, Vintage Acoma Polychrome Pottery Olla, By Franklin Peters, Ca 1992, #1549

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Native American, Vintage Acoma Polychrome Pottery Olla, By Franklin Peters, Ca 2007, #1549  

Description: #1549 Native American, Vintage Acoma Polychrome Pottery Olla, By Franklin Peters, Ca 2007. Franklin Peters Acoma Polychrome Olla with Bird Design Pottery. Artist signed on the bottom. This is a slip-poured ceramic pot which was one of the last Franklin made prior to his Mother's passing. He started making hand made, Hand coiled pieces after this.

"Ceramic pottery is beautiful and collectible. Because the potter does not hand build each pot, instead opting for a pot that comes from a mold, there is more time to spend on the etching and paintings. These techniques have improved over time and the cost of this type of pottery is less than hand built or hand coiled pots" (Source: Kachina House).

"Ceramic pottery is created through a process by which clay is poured into a mold, fired in a kiln, then hand painted and hand etched by the potter. This pottery is referred to a as slip-poured, slip-cast, or simply ceramic. This method of creating pottery allow the potter to create many more finished pieces, the art in this pottery being in the finishing of each piece" (Source: Kachina House). 

This is the first ceramic piece that I have ever seen by Franklin, so I would consider this one rare. I normally try to acquire these on occasion so that I can use them as an educational tool to show the folks who visit my Gallery what the difference is between handmade and ceramic molded pottery.

Dimensions: 9 x 10 in.

Condition Report: This piece is in great condition and a beautiful example.

Franklin Peters is an Acoma potter who was taught to make traditional, hand painted Acoma pottery by two of Acoma's most accomplished potters, Florence and Rachel Aragon. He is well known for his parrot designs and is showing great potential.

Acoma potter Franklin Peters has accepted the honor of the 2011 Rollin and Mary Ella King Native Artist Fellowship at SAR. As an emerging artist, Franklin plans to spend his time studying the Indian Arts Research Center collections to better understand the techniques and processes of his ancestors. One of his challenges will be to increase the size of his ollas and to incorporate more historical designs into his work. He is also interested in exploring more contemporary designs and advancing his own sense of style.

Franklin notes, “I have already explored different Acoma styles in my work over the past eighteen years, but look forward to further developing my pottery by researching the sources of Acoma pottery designs from the past.”

Franklin received his pottery training from Phyllis Juanico, Florence Aragon, and his mother, Ella Peters. His work has been shown in several galleries around Albuquerque, such as the Agape Gallery, Bien Mur Indian Market Center, Nizhoni Gallery, Palms Trading, Somé Gallery, and Wiketts Gallery. His work has also been shown at the Sky City Gift Shop in Acoma. Franklin will be in residence from September 1–December 1, 2011. (Source: SAR)

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