Native American, Santa Clara Pueblo Pottery Jar, Titled "Six Directions" by Madeline E. Naranjo, #1379 Sold

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Native American, Santa Clara Pueblo Pottery Jar, Titled "Six Directions" by Madeline E. Naranjo, #1379

Description: #1379 Native American, Santa Clara Pueblo Pottery Jar Titled "Six Directions" by Madeline E. Naranjo. This piece won a Red Ribbon at the State Fair. "It has 4 water serpents/avanyu encircling the pot, each representing a direction of North, south, east, west. The top serpent represents a second direction with is above/up and that is why the lightning goes up out the the pot or lid. The bottom serpent also has a second direction of down/ below and it’s lightning aims towards the ground. Each serpent begins on the side that it represents (north, south etc). The water serpent design is for good life and all good things, it is also a design for rain and water. Water is life and that is why it holds some many positive representations. Many believe the serpent to be an actual serpent on the ground, it is actually a serpent in the clouds bringing rain! As the clouds come into our area, they usually come in from the west and as the come over the mountains they “snake” in creating the serpent that will bring the much needed and wanted moisture!!" (Source: Madeline E. Naranjo)

Dimensions: dimensions are 6 3/8”W x 10”H with the lid 6”H without the lid

Condition: Excellent

Madeline E. Naranjo a potter from Santa Clara Pueblo, specializing in deep carved black pottery. She is a full time potter who has devoted 28 years to preserving the ancient craft of her pueblo. Her style is known as traditional with a contemporary flair. The designs that one will find on her pots may be unusual, but they are her interpretation of things found in nature or even at home! Madeline is a mother to 5 children, 4 daughters, one son and one grandson, and she looks to them for inspiration or models many days.

Many good thoughts and prayers go into the pottery, from the time that the “mother” clay is gathered, right through the final step of firing. The pottery Madeline creates carries much of her within them, making for an even more unique piece.

Madeline has competed in Santa Fe Indian Market for 27 years, successfully placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd the majority of the years. In 2018 she was awarded the Sara Fina Tafoya Memorial Award for best in traditional pottery. “ I love my “job” as a potter and working with my mother clay has been a blessing in my life. Each time I work I think, how lucky am I to be able to play as a way of making a living.”

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