Native American, Santa Clara Pueblo Pottery, by Harrison Begay Jr and Marie, Ca 1980, # 1660

$ 1,256.00

Description: # 1660 Native American, Santa Clara Pueblo Pottery, by Harrison Begay Jr and Marie, Ca 1980. Beautiful American Indian black carved wedding vase, signed on bottom: Harrison & Marie 1980. Wedding vases are objects created for more than just display; an entire ceremony is centered around the shared use of this traditional vessel, which preserves the sanctity of marriage. The wedding vase instantly becomes one of the most cherished items in the couple’s life.

Dimensions: Size: 9 1/2 x 6 in.

Condition: Very good for its age.

"Harrison Begay Jr. was born in 1961 in the small Navajo town of Jeddito near Keams Canyon, Arizona. He is Navajo, Zuni (Water Edge Clan), Jemez (his father’s clan), and Hopi (his maternal Grandfather was from Hopi. Harrison remembers making figures out of the clay from the Jeddito region when he was younger."

"In college, Harrison trained as a painter. He later married Marie from the Santa Clara pueblo and moved there with her. Begay’s signature pottery is a mix of different tribal traditions. He was taught the Santa Clara method of pottery making by his mother-in-law. However, his designs are a blend of Navajo and prehistoric petroglyph influences. His pieces are recognized as being highly polished and deeply carved".

"Harrison is known as an innovative artist and multiple award winner, including at the Santa Fe Indian Market and the Heard Museum Fair. His work is represented in many galleries, museums, and private collections worldwide. He is proud of the fact that his son, Daniel, is also a talented and recognized potter as well".

"Harrison warmly acknowledges the help and advice from Jody Naranjo, the Folwell family, Isabelle and Eugene Naranjo, as well as Lincoln and Judy Tafoya". (Source: Garland's)

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