Native American Santa Clara Pottery Jar, Titled "Remembering the Stories of The Passed" by Madeline E. Naranjo, #1380.

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Santa Clara Pottery Jar, Titled "Remembering the Stories of The Passed" by Madeline E. Naranjo, #1380. Removed 

Discription: #1380 Native American Santa Clara Pottery Jar, Titled "Remembering the Stories of The Passed" by Madeline E. Naranjo. This piece won a Red Ribbon at the State Fair. "The story behind this piece is, we all have loved ones who have left us, as we deal with that loss, we try to keep their memories alive through stories of that person. This piece is an all male figured pot and that is unusual for me as I usually create with female figures. I chose males because men are usually the ones who carry the stories from our past (in my ancestral line anyways). In my family, my uncle became our story teller once my grandfather had passed years ago. His stories were always so great! The idea for this pot was inspired from him, and as I began to create it, he lost his battle with cancer. I didn’t want to stop its creation because I thought it would be kind of like a memorial of what he meant to me, and so I pushed on with it. Many tears would fall as I worked in it because its design and story mean so much to me. I was extremely happy with its completion, as it came out just as I had envisioned it!! The story begins at the tree and rotates to the left. There is an older grandfather, and uncle, a brother, a grandfather all talking sitting under the tree. These men represent the passed ones. Then you see a cloud line (black polished) and the men that follow are a father, a grandson, a son, a husband, and a father in law. These men are the ones who are remembering the stories that were told to them, and they are all in the present time. Near the top of the piece you see a matte area with sgrafitto images drawn in, those are the stories that the passed men have been known to talk about or share. Haha I’m my family men often speak about planting crops, hunting, native ways and sports! A couple of my family members have been in the movies!! "(Source: Madeline E. Naranjo)

Dimensions: The dimensions are 7”H x 6 1/2”W.

Condition: Excellent

Madeline E. Naranjo a potter from Santa Clara Pueblo, specializing in deep carved black pottery. She is a full time potter who has devoted 28 years to preserving the ancient craft of her pueblo. Her style is known as traditional with a contemporary flair. The designs that one will find on her pots may be unusual, but they are her interpretation of things found in nature or even at home! Madeline is a mother to 5 children, 4 daughters, one son and one grandson, and she looks to them for inspiration or models many days.

Many good thoughts and prayers go into the pottery, from the time that the “mother” clay is gathered, right through the final step of firing. The pottery Madeline creates carries much of her within them, making for an even more unique piece.

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