"Tree of Life" Weaving, by Teresa Foster, #1330 SOLD

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Native American, Extraordinary "Tree of Life" Weaving, by the Renown Weaver, Teresa Foster, #1330

Description: #1330 Native American, Extraordinary "Tree of Life" Weaving, by the Renown Weaver, Teresa Foster. One of the finest Tree of Life weaving's that I have ever seen. 

Dimensions: 31" x 42.5"

Condition: New

"The Story of the Tree of Life as told to Teresa by her Grandmother about here birth. A long time ago there was no hospitals. Her mother went into labor with her at the summer camp. There were a lot of pine trees, oak trees and a field of corn. My grandmother ties a woven sash belt to an oak tree branch. My mother stood under the oak tree, holding onto one end of the sash belt. There were a rainbow color of birds watching, flying, sitting on the tree or eating corn pollen of the cornstalk. There were also squirrels, rabbits and butterflies, that witnessed my birth. 
I was born and my aunt ran to the cornfield to shake some corn pollen (Powder like) off the corn tassel. My grandma put some in my mouth, top of my head and offered a prayer that I may live a prosperous, rich, strong and honest happy life. When my grandmother did end the prayer, an eagle flew around us to let us know that prayer was delivered to the Holy People. Then it started raining with thunder, stopped into sunshine (rays of sunlight) like thunder shapes from it. I was washed off from my birth in a woven basket shaped like a hogan and it even had a doorway, yucca used as soap to get me clean. Today she said I'am still going strong at 93 years old. I was born into this beautiful and colorful world. All in all the Tree of Life is about birth and living. The birds also represent relatives of different sizes and color that you live with. So "Tree of Life" is about birth and life. Teresa Foster."

Background on Teresa Foster (Begay): Teresa Foster, began weaving at the age of 8 years old. She helped her parents support the family with her rugs and later used her weaving to raise and support 4 boys after the boys dad walked out on them. Over the years she has perfected the art form of weaving the Two Grey Hills and Ganado Red design rugs as well as rugs dresses and hand bags, etc. Her rugs have won awards for the buyers who entered them in art shows. I spent some time on the phone with Theresa, talking to her about her early days, when her uncle would come over and bless her weaving and make sure to tell her to weave all of her happiness into each one of her works. I believe that this piece speaks volumes about how happy she is when she is weaving. The detail is extraordinary and will help carry on her legacy in the future as a Master Weaver. It is a real honor to help move another one of her masterpieces forward in time to the next owner. You can see from the snaps the toll that weaving these fine rugs have on her hands. 
Thanks to Bruce Bernstein, former director, Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe
Originally appeared in The Collde to Santa Fe and Taos - Volume 11 

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