Native American, Extra Fine Exceptional, Navajo Two Gray Hills Weaving, by Teresa Foster, #1364 SOLD

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Native American, Extra Fine Exceptional, Navajo Two Gray Hills Weaving, by Teresa Foster, #1364

Description: #1364 Native American, Extra Fine Exceptional, Navajo Two Gray Hills Weaving, by Teresa Foster, 100% all natural sheep wool. Navajo Two Grey Hill design rug. The name of this piece is "Coyote Threw The Stars Up". Teresa relates the following story to this piece.

"First man and First woman had a daughter. She laughed in 4 days, , in 4 days she ate and started walking. Every four days she grew. She was named the "Changing Woman".

"Spiritually had twins, a girl and boy. The boy was named "Turquoise Boy" and the girl was named " White Shell Girl". The Holy people had a meeting on how to create sun, moon, and stars. They shaped the moon, Sun, and stars on a buckskin (deer) which was perfect, with no holes. While meeting, the coyote came. He wanted to be a part of the creation of moon, sun, and stars. The Holy people told him it was already done. The coyote left mad and didn't come for three days. Within that three days the Turquoise Boy was asked to set the sun. The sun was made from seeds, hard goods and shaped like a puberty cake ( yellow color). He was also given a flute, so to the music sound, the sun will move. 
"The "White Shell Girl" was sent to create the moon, which was made with a perfect round shape, pure white shell. She was also sent with a flute to move the moon with sounds of the flute. First woman and first man planned the sun and moon both to have 102 trails. March and September to have the moon and sun cross paths (eclipse). In payment, the "Turquoise Boy" requested for the sun that there should be payment. The payment will be lives taken (death). That is why people die everyday. The sun sets lower on horizon in July and returns in December with Winter and Spring months. The Holy people said OK. The White Shell Girl said she wanted to have births be made for her payment and the tides to move to the movement of the moon. So on full moon babies are born. So this was all set."

"The coyote returned in four days. He was so mad, while the Holy people were still discussing the stars on the buckskin. The coyote grabbed the buckskin and threw the stars in the air. They went all over the sky. He wanted to be in charge of the arrangement of the stars. Northern make and Northern female stars. They will both circle around as man and wife around the hogan fire. Coyote named the stars Squatting man, Horned Star, Pinched stars, Milky Way, Rabbet Tracks, Big One, and Skinny One. One star fell back to earth. The Coyote said that will be my star. He called it the "Big Star" which he threw up in the sky. This Coyote Star hangs in the horizon and shines brightly early in the morning. A lot of the stars weren't given names. The coyote wanted extra days in the calendar year and wanted 13 months instead of 12. But the Holy People agreed only on the days but kept it 12 months. This is the story my late Grandmother told to me."

"The black back ground on my rug shows darkness. In all beauty around the world shines with what is done on earth. Ladder of life shown in my rug. You start with a lot of ideas, goals. In the middle all is accomplished. The ladder of life comes together in the end with accomplishments, with stars brightly around the edging. All rugs have a meaning and story. It relates back to creation ass the Navajo's Holy People set for us. Thank you, Teresa Foster. *The Spider woman wove a similar rug to represent the stars. She created it with strings on her hand and made a rug she called "Happy Bright Star"

Dimension: The rug measures approximately 32 inches wide and 48 inches length.

Condition: Excellent

Background on Teresa Foster (Formally Teresa Begay):

Teresa Foster, began weaving at the age of 8 years old. She helped her parents support the family with her rugs and later used her weaving to raise and support 4 boys after the boys dad walked out on them. Over the years she has perfected the art form of weaving the Two Grey Hills and Ganado Red design rugs as well as rugs dresses and hand bags, etc. Her rugs have won awards for the buyers who entered them in art shows. I spent some time on the phone with Theresa, talking to her about her early days, when her uncle would come over and bless her weaving and make sure to tell her to weave all of her happiness into each one of her works. I believe that this piece speaks volumes about how happy she is when she is weaving. The detail is extraordinary and will help carry on her legacy in the future as a Master Weaver. It is a real honor to help move another one of her masterpieces forward in time to the next owner. You can see from the snaps the toll that weaving these fine rugs have on her hands.

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