Michael Hawley Poly chrome Pottery Jar #1152

$ 3,500.00

Michael Hawley-Chakoptewa (American, 1948-2012)

Substantial/Exceptional Poly chrome Pottery Jar# 1152

Description: # 1152 Michael Hawley-Chakoptewa (American, 1948-2012) Substantial/Exceptional Poly chrome Pottery Jar, featuring a geometric design adorning the top of the vessel; signed on base. second half 20th century

Dimensions: ; height 7 in. x diameter 17 in.

Condition: Excellent overall but has a 3/8" hairline crack at the rim.

Michael Hawley (1948-2012) Chakoptewa

Michael Hawley, Chakoptewa, formerly of Scottsdale, Arizona, was the only contemporary potter creating true Sikyatki Poly chrome pottery vessels in the same manner as they were originally made from the 14th through the 17th centuries. Hawley called this pottery "Chakoptewa Poly chrome," Chakoptewa being his adopted Hopi name. 

Hawley used only hand-ground clay dug on Antelope Mesa on the Hopi Reservation and he hand coiled, shaped, polished, painted and coal fired each of the pots in a firing pit he constructed himself. All of his pigments were made by hand from minerals and plants indigenous to the Hopi Mesas and each of his painted designs is original and within the Sikyatki designs tradition. 

Mike Hawley's pieces are original and unique pieces of contemporary ceramic art inspired by ancient tradition. They are not copies or replicas. We received word from the Hawley family that Michael passed away on April 24, 2012. (Source: Adobe Gallery)

You can check out how Michael made his pottery at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhgkP-6SdAg.

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