Frederic Remington, signed Bronze Sculpture "The Outlaw" #433 Sold Out

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Frederic Remington

Bronze Sculpture

433. Description: Frederic Remington, Solid bronze sculpture of The Outlaw. Signed and mounted on marble base. First created in 1906, The Outlaw is one of Remington's later pieces using the lost wax method. The Outlaw was known as the real companion to The Bronco Buster. It is the teeter to The Bronco Buster's totter, what comes up in one comes down in the other. Giant jolts of endless energy were what this cowboy was feeling as the horse would rear up putting full force on all fronts.

The Outlaw's rider seems to bestow a great amount of fluidity and control. However, this cowboy is not going to win any points by resting his hand on the side of his horse. Yet, on a safer side he stands a chance of not getting his coccyx dislocated. This cowboy was a first class bronco-buster or flash rider. These riders would receive high wages, wages that were well deserved, because this was one of the most dangerous jobs there were and no man could ever hope to grow old.

The idea for this casting was taken from that of an old sketch that Remington had done years before called the Sun Fisher. In this sketch the rigorous life of a flash rider was shown. This cowboy was trying to beat the odds to stay on the bronc. (Source: By: Shannon J. Hatfield- Remington art. Com). Dimensions: 23" x 15" Provenance: From a Bethesda, MD estate. Condition Report: Mint with a very nice patina from age and touching it over the years. Estimated age is mid 20th Century.

Frederic Remington (1861-1909)

Depicted the life of the cowboy during the 1880's and 1890's better perhaps than any other artist of his time. He thought of himself as a true citizen of the American West.

A native of Canton, New York, Remington left college at the age of 19, looking for adventure in the West. Remington operated his own ranch in Kansas and in 1886 he gave it up as a failure and came back to the East. The experience served him well in his later career as an artist. "What success I have had", Remington once told a newspaper reporter, "has been because I have a horseman's knowledge of a horse. No one can draw equestrian subjects unless he is an equestrian himself".

As an artist, Remington first made a name for himself as an illustrator and painter, and began sculpting only 14 years before his death in 1909. "I was impelled to try my hand at sculpture by a mental desire to say something in the round as well as flat. Sculpture is the most perfect expression of action. You can say it all in clay." The first Remington in clay was "Bronco Buster", completed in 1895.

Among his admirers were Theodore Roosevelt, who once said that "Remington portrayed a most characteristic and yet vanishing type of American life. The soldier, the cowboy, the rancher, the Indian, the horses and cattle of the plains will live in his pictures and bronzes, I verily believe for all time". (Source: F&R Bronze)

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