Nampeyo of Hano (Hopi 1860-1942) Attributed Canteen-Near Excellent #389

$ 11,600.00

Native American

Hopi Pottery Canteen, by Nampeyo of Hano

389. Description: Native American Hopi Pottery Canteen by Nampeyo of Hano (Hopi, 1860-1942) Attributed Canteen diminutive form with Sikytki-style decorations on belly, length 4.5 in. x width 5 in. late 19th century . Condition: Near excellent.

Nampeyo of Hano, is the matriarch of Hopi Pueblo, and was the first pueblo woman to gain recognition for her pottery. She lived and worked at a time when putting one's name on the vessel was not done, so little, if any, of her pottery is signed. She spent a large part of her productive life supplying pottery to the Fred Harvey Company for re-sale, so documentation of her work is well established. Nampeyo had five children Fannie Polacca Nampeyo, Wesley Lesso, Nellie Nampeyo Douma, William Lesso, and Annie Healing Nampeyo.


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