Historic Tohono O'odham (Popago) Pottery Olla, Ca 1920-30’s, #953 Sold

$ 480.00

Native American

Historic Tohono O"odham (Popago), Pottery Olla.

953. Discription: Native American, Historic Tohono O’odham (Popago) Pottery Olla, 1920-30's. Hand made plain ware, has residue from cooking.

Dimensions: 14" x 14"

Condition: Very good considering age and use.

Some background on the Tohono O’odham:

The Tohono O’odham (/toʊˈhɑːnə ˈɑːtʊm/, or /tɑːˈhoʊnə ˈɑːtəm/)[2] are a group of Native Americans who reside primarily in the Sonoran Desert of eastern Arizona and northwestern Mexico. "Tohono O’odham" means "Desert People". The governmental entity for the tribe is the Tohono O'odham Nation.

Although the Tohono O’odham were previously known as the Papago, (meaning "tepary-bean eater"), they have largely rejected this name. It was applied to them by conquistadores who had heard them called this by other Piman bands that were very competitive with the Tohono O’odham. The term Papago derives from Ba:bawĭkoʼa, meaning "eating tepary beans." That word was pronounced papago by the Spanish.

The Tohono O'odham Nation, or Tohono O’odham Indian Reservation, is located in southern Arizona, encompassing portions of Pima County, Pinal County, and Maricopa County. (source Wikipedia)

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