Gracie Aragon Pottery Corn Doll, #1367-Sold on Delores End

$ 600.00

Gracie Aragon Pottery Corn doll, #1367

Description: #1367 Gracie Aragon Pottery Corn doll. The Corn doll is Delores Juanico's daughter, Gracie Aragon. She is also a well established potter who has won many ribbons @ Santa Fe Indian Market beginning as soon as she was ready to make & enter pots into the youth division as well as the adult divisions. Gracie is a junior in college this year & does pottery throughout the summer & when she comes home. She learned to make the corn dolls & corn mothers from her grandmother Marie Juanico & continues her ways of making.

Gracie belongs to the yellow corn clan. The corn doll represents life. Corn women are seen as mothers. Corn is highly used in our religious ceremonies & is completely used from the kernels, husks & cob. Corn mothers give life & are seen as sacred. Continued life through mankind, land, animals & vegetation.

Dimensions: The corn dolls husks extend to 3 1/2 inches & is 4 3/4 inches tall.

Condition: Excellent

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