Extremely Fine smoking device, Eastern Souix, Shakopee Reservation Circa 1890-1920 . # 1155

$ 4,150.00

Extremely Fine "Tomahawk" Pipe, 

Eastern Souix, Shakopee Reservation Minnesota Ca 1890-1920. # 1155 

Description: # 1155 Extremely Fine "Tomahawk" Pipe, Eastern Souix, Shakopee reservation Minnesota circa 1890-1920. An extremely fine example of a plains Indians "Tomahawk" pipe. Eastern Souix Shakopee reservation Minnesota. Hand carved and polished out of a large piece of the high quality Catlinite. These are often seen in pictures of Early reservation Native Americans. 

Dimensions: Stem: only stone section 15 1/2 inches, Head is 6 1/4 by 2 5/8, Wooden mouth piece is 2 5/8, Total length 20 3/4!!

Condition: The rarest finest stem I have ever seen, Overall condition is excellent, however, the stem has been broken and glued back together.

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