Contempory Western Art, "Wild Fire" by Linda Gulinson, #1369

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Contemporary Western Art, "Wild Fire" by Linda Gulinson, #1369

Description: #1369 Contemporary Western Art, "Wild Fire" by Linda Gulinson. These Horses are in a way a tribute to our wonderful adventure visiting a ranch in South Dakota that had a herd of these unique horses, which are in most of Linda’s paintings, including the two you have selected. In the 1500’s, the Spanish conquistadors came up from Mexico to New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California briefly. When they left, they deserted their Spanish Mustangs to roam freely and attempt to survive the elements.

A catholic priest rounded up as many as he could. Some were captured by the Indians, especially the Apaches and some were traded around to various tribes by them. In recent years some were bought by individuals for pleasure riding. But the gathered herd remained together, uniquely on two large ranches in South Dakota. We visited one and took many photos of these beautiful, unique horses. It became too expensive for the two ranches to maintain them and now they have a forever home at a sectioned off area, separated from caught wild American mustangs in a separate area of the 10,000 acre Black Hills Horse Sanctuary. That they are a pure line dating back four hundred years is proven by DNA testing. They have unique physical characteristics in having smaller heads, particularly the fore section just above the muzzle. . Their bodies are more tubular such that their shoulders and hips are not defined. Their manes and tails are full, long and beautiful, typically black with occasional stripes of grey or white.. Their true color is normally gray or tan as seen in three of Linda’s paintings Love at First Bite and the Runaway and Dancer in the transitional group.

The very unique characteristic is that they are capable of being ridden 15-20 miles per day, for up to a 1000 miles, incredible stamina!

There are no longer Spanish Mustangs in Spain and only a herd of 20, wild, along a river in Portugal.

Linda has done her own take re. the modern coloring while maintaining their physical characteristics.

Dimensions: 18" x 24"

Condition: Excellent

Information on her follows in her own words,

I graduated college Magna Cum Laude. I entered a number of shows and won a number of awards, During this period, I was awarded The Pastel Society Of America’s most prestigious award, one year’s free tuition to the Art Students League of New York. We worked that out even though we lived in Denver at the time. Both during my pastel years and onto oils, I have done a number of commissions of people, places and dogs. Some of my European and dog images are shown in the Archival Category.

As inferred above, I expanded to oils and studied about fifty individual weeks with some the country’s finest Western artists, including two Master Classes with Howard Terpning .

I have enjoyed figurative paintings, particularly of the West including cowboys, horses, children and especially Native Americans. I have sought to depict the inner beauty and character of my subjects and have had the good fortune to appeal to buyers and collectors of my work.

I have been in Western Art Collector’s “The State of Art in Colorado” as well as being recognized in the Editorial Section. The book “Art Of The American West” by Linscott and Christensen-Duff displayed my work. Four times, my images have appeared on the cover of “Ranch And Country” magazine. Works of mine have appeared on the front and back inside cover of The New Mexico Guide, and recently, an image of mine appeared in ”Dallas Style and Design”.

I have appeared in several museum shows in Cheyenne, Wy., wherein I sold well and gained several collectors.

Sometimes life comes full circle. I have always loved art and in grade school was placed in an adult class taught by instructors from The Chicago Art Institute. My forte was figurative, but now that I am transitioning into modern, contemporary and even abstract art, I can explore my love of color and composition.

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