Ceramics and Pottery : Native American Acoma Ceramic Jar, signed by Cornelia J. Shije #129-Sold

$ 495.00

Ceramics and Pottery

129. Description: 1990s polychrome geometric and bird design signed CJ Shije with a dimension of 11"x9.75".

C.J. Shije,. Zia/Acoma, Eagle Clan, active 1970 to present. Pottery. Born ca 1960‰۪s. Daughter of Vicente and Juanita Cl. Shije, sister of Yvonne Shije Crayson, wife of Greg P. Shutiva, mother of Kymberly, Gregg, Thomas, Lauren Shutiva. Has exhibited in numerous Northern Indian Pueblo's Arts and Crafts Show, and she is in the collection of both Rita Coolidge, and Bill Mooney. (Source: Schaaf-Southern Pueblo Pottery, 2,000 Artist Biographies). Note: This is a green ware jar made from a preformed slip.

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