Sculpture, Ken Payne, Entitled "Race For The "Stork ", 1/50, Ca 1992, #1342

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Bronze Sculpture, Sculpture, Ken Payne, Entitled "Race For The "Stork ", Limited Edition, 1/50, Ca 1992, #1342

Description: #1342 Bronze Sculpture, Sculpture, Ken Payne, Entitled "Race For The "Stork ", Limited Edition, 1/50, Ca 1992, 

Dimensions: 20.5 x 23" x 23"  

Condition: Excellent, like new

Provenance: Jean Oxley
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Following is the obituary of the artist:

Ken Payne's story was as unique a story as there ever was. His inquisitive mind led to a passion for his chosen pursuits. He often told stories of his life and experiences fascinating his listeners . A close friend summed it up well, "I've never seen a man with such diversified interests in life." He was a loving husband, a compassionate father, "a brother that is born for when there is distress". (Proverbs 17:17) 

Ken was respected in the art world as a talented sculptor, painter and businessman, establishing bronze casting foundries here in Lincoln County, as well as Arizona and Colorado. Ken also was the founder of Mountain Trails Gallery, Inc. where he established fine art galleries in Santa Fe, NM and Sedona, AZ. People came from all over the country and the world to hear him tell his stories as he sculpted into bronze the history of the disappearing American west. He touched the hearts of many with his spirited tales of a time he lived in books as a child and from then on. He collected an extensive library, well-worn and stained with paint and clay as he strived to portray with accuracy the fading ways of the cowboys, mountain men, pioneers, and the beloved Native Americans. 

Before Ken Payne's art career was his flying career, where he became a legend in the flying world. 

Ken's busy life was never overshadowed by his love for Jehovah God and His son, Jesus Christ. As anyone who spoke with him for any amount of time knew, the subject of a better world through God's arrangement was the dearest thing on his mind. With his family they were privileged to move to the Navajo Reservation to help establish a local congregation. Life with the native Americans gave Ken even more inspiration for his art work, though much less interest for the business aspects of it.

Ken is survived by his wife Karen, his children Victor Payne, Paula Morgan, Chris Payne, Jason Reynolds, Jonathan Payne, and Phillip Payne. He is also survived by his brother John Payne, uncle U.S. Belcher, two aunts Billie Elle and Judy Forrester. He was preceded in death by his beloved son Ben Payne. He also has 11 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren.

The family would like to thank the Ruidoso Police Department, Dina Garner of the Ruidoso News, the Ruidoso Community and Airport, who searched to find Ken and especially all the loved friends and family in the Ruidoso Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, and those around the country who have supported us during this difficult time.

This biography from the Archives of AskART:
Biography from The Adobe Fine Art:
Ken Payne, born to the ranching heritage of the Southwest, brings the exciting memories of the Old West to life in his heroic bronze sculpture depicting the action, the danger, even the humor of many a frontier situation.

Ken is a fan of the great sculptors of the past, especially the Greek and Roman masters. He strives for the same design qualities within his western themes. 

The bronze sculpture of Ken Payne is shown and collected internationally, and is prized by noted art connoisseurs as well as first-time collectors. His work is followed by thousands more through the nationally televised program, “Sculping with Ken Payne”.

Ken’s studio is located in Ruidoso, New Mexico. He is usually found working in public where he enjoys meeting visitors and telling stories of the Old West. Ken is dedicated to authentically and permanently recording for us and generations to come, a dynamic era we can hold in our hands – and our hearts.

Ken will usually begin sculpting with a story he wants to tell or a title that captures his imagination. His stories have been included with each bronze and help bring ‘The Old West’ of life.
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