Bronze Sculpture, "Global Tree of Life" by Lincoln Fox (1942-), #5 of 5 (10) 1994, #853

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Bronze Sculpture,

"Tree of Life, By Lincoln Fox, 1994

853. Description; Bronze sculpture entitled "Global Tree of Life" by Lincoln Fox ( 1942-), 1994. This is edition #5 of 5 (out of an original planned 10) maquettes of the "Global Family Tree of Life" Lincoln made these in preparation for the 32 Foot Global Family "Tree of Life" displayed, at the 1994 International Park in Nagoya, Japan. These initial studies were primarily made for several dignitaries associated with the project. One was originally given to the Queen of Jordon, another to Dr. Brown of the UNEP, Two currently reside with Culturalpatina, and the 5th is unaccounted for. The last 5 were never cast.

Dimensions: The materials are cast bronze using the lost wax method, mounted on polished cut granite and routed oak along the bottom. 21-3/4" H x 17-3/4" W x 17-1/2" D. The overall weight of approximately 60 pounds.

Condition: Excellent condition considering the age of the piece.

Lincoln sent me a letter on the " Global Tree of Life" and I thought it was important for folks who might be interested in this piece to have. I had tears in my eyes by the time I finished reading this letter.

"Since the beginnings of time, man has revered the tree as a universal metaphor of life. Tree imagery flows throughout legends and myths of every culture and many religions. The tree of Life was chosen as the symbol of the UNEP, because it represents the lungs of our planet and gives us the breath of life.

Our tree icon symbolizes the nurturing aspects of life so beautifully exemplified in living trees. The emotions invoked are of gentle respect for the earth and the family of man. Each continent shows the various races populating it. The faces selected will express our beautiful uniqueness and unity, with special attention to indigenous peoples.

The open ocean spaces between the continents allow visitors to enter the earth's interior. Mythological etchings and icons from many cultural and historical periods-from the cave man to the foot print of the first man on the moon-will be inside the continents. The chamber will honor the highest aspirations of man.

Earth mothers representing our four primary races are seated where earth meets sky. As the tree trunk rises from the earth, stylized human figures spiral upward reaching the heavens. Our greatest desire, is for our viewers, thinking on this tree to see we are intimately and inseparably connected with the fabric of nature and that WHEN ANY ONE MAN, ANIMAL OR TREE IS HARMED, ALL MEN SUFFER.

Lincoln Fox

Sculptor, Tree of Life Foundation"

Biography from the Archives of askART: A sculptor in traditional style of Indian figures, Lincoln Fox combines his interest in Indian culture with his belief in the sacredness of the spirits of human beings. His subjects include Shaman with Bear skull Headdress, Shaman with Owl, Bird Vision, and Hopi Snake Priest. One of his largest pieces is The Dream of Flight, 14-feet long and cantilevered 30 degrees so that it appears to fly above the ground at the Albuquerque, New Mexico Airport.

Fox was born in Morrilton, Arkansas, and settled in 1971 in Alto, New Mexico. As a youngster, he was disinterested in school, but did well once he began studying art in college. He focused on studying works of famous sculptors that he admired.

In 1966, he earned a BFA from the University of Texas at Austin, studying with Charles Umlaf. He then studied with Heri Barscht at the University of Dallas, earning an MA degree, and in 1968, he received an MFA from the University of Kansas at Lawrence, where Elden Teftt was his teacher.

He found that once he added an element of distortion to the figures he depicted that he had arrived at the method and style most satisfactory to him. "Exaggeration and distortion make the art exciting. After that discovery, I had twice as much fun. I let things happen". (Samuels 192).

Biography from The Adobe Fine Art: After living in New Mexico for over twenty years, Lincoln and his wife, Rachelle, moved to the Western Slope of Colorado in 1990. Orchards, vineyards and ranches surround his studio, in a valley of snow-capped mountains. The area's beauty and tranquility provide inspiration for his creativity.

Lincoln holds two master's degrees, and continues private studies in Europe, the Mediterranean, the Mid-East, and Africa.

He has been honored with one-man shows at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., the Kennedy Galleries in New York City, and many museums and galleries across the nation. Lincoln has been a member of the National Sculpture Society in New York since 1982.

Some of his sculpture commissions include a 17' piece for the Albuquerque International Airport; an 18' piece for the Fine Arts Museum of Albuquerque; a 23' piece for a university in Texas; and a 14' piece near Montgomery, Alabama, dedicated by President George Bush.

The Global Family Tree of Life, sanctioned by the United Nations (U.N.E.P.), is four stories tall. The Japanese prefecture of Aishi commissioned a 32-foot study, cast in metal-reinforced F.R.P. to be shown at their International Park Festival, held in Nagoya, Japan.

Lincoln's powerful modeling reveals the "breath of life" in his work.

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