Contemporary Oil Painting Titled, "Arizona Rain", by Noted Artist Steven Scott, C 1638

$ 1,760.00

Contemporary Oil Painting Titled, "Arizona Rain", by Noted Artist Steven Scott, C 1638

Description: Contemporary Oil Painting Titled, "Arizona Rain", by Noted Artist Steven Scott, C 1638. Oil on board. It was interesting because the rains in Arizona result in lots of water very quickly, and after the rapid flood, it is gone quickly, leaking just a few places to catch reflections. It is fortunate that the nice sky added to the scene.

Dimensions: 11" x 14"

Condition: Excellent

Some background on Steven Scott. An early interest in drawing is where it all began. Illustration captured my interest, however illustrations of airplanes did not impress art directors of advertising agencies in Hollywood. When I became interested in architectural illustrations, I took a few classes and followed through with that business. It was a meager living in Southern California.

Many illustrators, like myself, were impressed with Andrew Wyeth, so a transition to the Wyeth style led me to abandon the architecture business. My first art dealer was in Palm Dessert, California. The dealer expanded to Jackson, WY to advance sales in the summer. Having taken the classes in Hollywood, I found it was easy to create an original painting with not much more inspiration than a piece of land, a field, a hill, a group of trees, a lake, an interesting mountain, etc. In other words I was and am able to originate a painting with only my imagination. I have traveled most of the western states including New Mexico. The Ne Mexico images were critical for my paintings of the southwest.

I was fortunate to connect with an art dealer from Montreal, who was placing work in the Dean Witter Reynold corporate offices in the World Trade Center. Other commissions were the US Dept. of Agriculture, Hilton Hotels in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, and the Sears All State corporate office in Chicago.

Collectors include Red Skelton, Robert Guggenheim, Sears Towers in Chicago, Phillips Oil Company, Valley National Bank of Arizona. I was selected to exhibit in President Nixon's Western White House in San Clemente CA. I accepted both gold and silver medals at the George Phippen Art show in Prescott, AX. I was also selected to exhibit at the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City. More recently, I have been accepting commissions in Iowa and Chariton, my current residence.

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