Very Large Pre-Columbian Chimu Canteen Relief With Imagery Of Birds in Flight, CA 1100 to 1470 CE, #1781

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Very Large Pre-Columbian Chimu Canteen Relief With Imagery Of Birds in Flight, CA 1100 to 1470 CE, #1781

Discription: "Pre-Columbian, Central Coast Peru, Chimu, ca. 1100 to 1470 CE. A remarkable blackware canteen adorned with relief imagery of a crisscross or quillo motif and 8 birds in flight. The crisscross divides the field into 4 with 5 birds in the upper section and 3 in the lower. Siting upon a rounded base, the vessel itself displays a bulbous yet slightly flattened body crowned by a flared spout with a ribbon-form handle arching from the convex neck to the rounded shoulder."

"The Andean peoples were fascinated by the power of flight and birds were understood as sky animals representing the celestial realm that served as mediators between humankind and the deities."

Dimension: "8.2" L x 9.9" W x 12.4" H (20.8 cm x 25.1 cm x 31.5 cm)"

Condition: "Rounded base inhibits vessel from standing up independently of support. Some minor nicks and abrasions to surface, as well as some softening of finer detail of relief imagery as shown. Otherwise, intact and excellent with nice remaining imagery and light earthen deposits throughout". (Source: Artemis)

Provenance: ex-private Jim Carroll collection, Maryland, USA, excavated or purchased in Peru in the 1960s, thence by descent to present owners.

The Chimú were the residents of Chimor, with its capital at the city of Chan Chan, a large adobe city in the Moche Valley of present-day Trujillo city. The culture arose about 900 AD. The Inca ruler Tupac Inca Yupanqui led a campaign which conquered the Chimú around 1470 AD.(Source: Wikipeda

This was just fifty years before the arrival of the Spanish in the region. Consequently, Spanish chroniclers were able to record accounts of Chimú culture from individuals who had lived before the Inca conquest. Similarly, Archaeological evidence suggest Chimor grew out of the remnants of Moche culture; early Chimú pottery had some resemblance to that of the Moche. Their ceramics are all black, and their work in precious metals is very detailed and intricate.

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