Outstanding Historic Painted Parfleche box, CA 19th Century, #C1752

$ 5,250.00

Outstanding, Historic Painted Parfleche box, CA 19th Century, #C 1752.

Description: Outstanding, Historic Painted Parfleche box, CA 19th Century, #C 1752

Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 6

Condition: Excellent for its age.

The parfleche - a container of folded or sewn rawhide elaborated with painted designs on the exposed surfaces constitutes one of the great traditions of abstract imagery created by American Indian artists. In The American Indian Parfleche, was widespread in the western half of North America during the eighteenth, nineteenth, and early twentieth centuries.

These beautiful containers are most closely associated an probably originated with the peoples of the Great Plains, where they were integral to the nomadic way of life, providing a means to store and transport a family's food and possessions. They were made by women from more than forty tribes, and their richly associative and symbolic painted images gave visual expression to the artists' personal and cultural lives. "These paintings were inseparable from the world view of their makers, formed from their collective experience and cultural role as women; from the details of their daily lives and the richness and love of family life and tribal associations; from the invisible spirit forces that filled their world and the profound religious traditions that sustained their inner lives; and from their intimate relationship with nature and the sweeping monumental landscapes and incomparable light of the American West which was their home. All of this was given tangible form in these paintings, through an expressive power transcending time and cultural boundaries." Source: Gaylord Torrence.

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