"The Edge of Winter" by Jeff Wolf, Limited Edition of 20, #1036

$ 14,600.00

Western Bronze Sculpture,

The Edge of Winter by Jeff Wolf, #1035 

Description: #1035 Western Bronze Sculpture, The Edge of Winter by Jeff Wolf, Limited Edition of 20 "The Edge of Winter"

The first cold winds bring the onset of winter to the plains. Thankful for her man who has proven himself as a great hunter and warrior, her admiration and appreciation shows obvious on her face.

Proud of his strong beautiful wife, he gently shelters her from the cold with their best bull buffalo robe as they prepare to walk through their village to visit with family and friends.

As a sculptor my greatest interest in depicting the early Native Americans is their everyday life. Much the same as a gentleman of today, covering his wife with a shawl or long coat as they step out into the cold.

Dimensions: 30" H x 16" W x 13" L

Condition: Excellent, Cast to Order. On orders that need to be cast we require a 50% deposit with the remainder due upon completion of the piece. Shipping and insurance are the reprehensibility of the purchaser. Delivery is usually 8-10 weeks from time of order. This piece has not been molded and cast.

Provenance: Jeff Wolf

Biography of Jeff Wolf and Achievements Follow:

Persistence makes perfect: The trail to the top of the Western Art world is steep and narrow. It is littered with obstacles, beset with sheer drop-offs, and hindered by unexpected twists and turns. Sculptor Jeff Wolf has ridden that trail for more than twenty-five years and reached heights few artists attain. Along the way he has placed bronzes in prominent museums and permanent exhibits, in prestigious private collections, and on display in public venues. He has been bestowed with honors and awards, recognized in juried competitions, and called upon to teach and demonstrate.

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