Jeff Wolf, Entitled "Surround", Limited Edition, Cast To Order, 1 of 10, #1018

$ 48,000.00

Western Bronze

by Renowned Western Artist

Jeff Wolf,

Entitled "Surround" Cast To Order,

Limited Edition,

Cast to Order, 1 of 10,

#1018 Description: Western Bronze Sculpture, by Renowned Western Artist Jeff Wolf, Entitled "Surround":, Limited Edition, Cast To Order, 1 of 10, 

From childhood the American Indian has always fascinated me. They lived such a pure and free life. Their methods of hunting held a special fascination. I began to study all the different ways the Indian attained his food and came across the "surround". This seemed to be a very interesting and practical means of harvesting Bison meat. Later on, in my cowboy career, I managed a buffalo ranch in northwestern Colorado. It was here that I learned much more about the habits of the Bison, including how to stop a herd of running buffalo. If the Bison could be wrangled into milling in a circle, they could be kept circling for quite some time, or until they came to a stop.

It was about then, that I started dreaming about "The Surround”. That was sixteen years ago.

Over this period, my "Surround" dream became a reoccurring event Eventually I could see every detail. One night during the dream a voice came and said it was time the story was told. Nine months after that, "The Surround" was completed.

The thought of cruelty, or brutal killing never crossed my mind. To the Indian there was no right or wrong in this either -- only the need to survive. The buffalo was simply given to the people by the Great Spirit, for their survival. What I focused on was the drama, bravery and skill as well as what it must have been like to be on the open plains facing a pray that was much stronger, faster, and often times more agile than the horses they were riding.

The slightest mistake might mean injury or even death. 

In my dream, I pictured three Indians riding across the open plains in search of a small herd of buffalo feeding away from the main herd. When the right opportunity presented itself, the Indians started circling the herd until they had it running in a tight circle. As the animals milled in a state of panic, the
hunters began their harvesting. They continued this till they had taken all that their band could use. Then the remainder of the herd was set free to rejoin the main herd.

This method of hunting proved to be one of the most successful, and least hazardous.

Dimensions: 22” H x 46” , Approximately 150 pounds

Condition: Cast to Order: On all precast orders we ask for a deposit of 75%, this covers the molds and first casting. Precast orders are purchased before the sculpture has been molded and cast in bronze. This feature allows the client to get in on the ground floor of early edition numbers while saving a considerable amount over retail. Once the work is cast in bronze and is on the retail market the price does not decrease. On orders that need to be cast we require a 50% deposit with the remainder due upon completion of the piece. Shipping and insurance are the reprehensibility of the purchaser. Delivery is usually 8-10 weeks from time of order.

Provenance: Jeff Wolf

Biography of Jeff Wolf and Achievements Follow:

Persistence makes perfect: The trail to the top of the Western Art world is steep and narrow. It is littered with obstacles, beset with sheer drop-offs, and hindered by unexpected twists and turns. Sculptor Jeff Wolf has ridden that trail for more than twenty-five years and reached heights few artists attain. Along the way he has placed bronzes in prominent museums and permanent exhibits, in prestigious private collections, and on display in public venues. He has been bestowed with honors and awards, recognized in juried competitions, and called upon to teach and demonstrate.


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