Western Artist, Lincoln Fox, Rare Bronze Sculpture titled, "Bird Vision" 2/10, Ca 1978, #1659

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Western Artist, Lincoln Fox, Rare Bronze Sculpture titled, "Bird Vision" 2/10, Ca 1978, #1659  

Description: # 1659 Western Artist Lincoln Fox Rare Bronze Sculpture titled, "Bird Vision" 2/10, Ca 1978. The standing male Native American whose body figure melds with that of a bird having detailed wings proportional to that of an eagle, another bird on his left shoulder and still another in flight on his front right, warm dark brown patinated surface, the integral naturalistic base mounted to a conforming wood base, signed in the casting with three-diamond monogram, lettered signature of LINCOLN FOX, date of 1978, and edition number of 2 from an edition of only 10.

I asked Lincoln about the genesis of this great piece. Here is his response: "From man's earliest beginnings he sensed in the very core of his being, a void. He not only felt it, but also knew that he was some how incomplete. This void begged for filling like a hunger in his belly......it demanded action. The eternal quest began. Over the eons, no stone was left unturned. Search for meaning in life, he turned to nature....finding valuable nuggets of truth in the seasons, signs, and symbols. It was the animals and birds, however, that proved most revealing. They seemed to be connected to the creator in a far deeper way than was man. They know secrets that were out of reach for humans. Some of these special beings, brother, who had claw and feather were both honored and revered. In an attempt to more fully understand what these creatures knew, the humans performed ceremonies to bring themselves into closer alignment. Dreams and visions proved most rewarding. "Bird Vision" depicts a successful union of the two. The unspoken and unspeakable transfer of this sacred knowledge.....directs man to search within,....the one place man would never think of searching for what was bigger than himself".

Dimensions: Measures 36 x 20 x 12 inches.

Condition: Very good condition throughout, no damage, repair or wear.

Provenance: The Personal Collection of Georgia and Jack Olsen.
Georgia and her husband Jack operated American Legacy Gallery in Kansas City for Nearly 40 Years.

Biography of Lincoln Fox: After living in New Mexico for over twenty years, Lincoln and his wife, Rachelle, moved to the Western Slope of Colorado in 1990. Orchards, vineyards and ranches surround his studio, in a valley of snow-capped mountains. The area's beauty and tranquility provide inspiration for his creativity.

Lincoln holds two master's degrees, and continues private studies in Europe, the Mediterranean, the Mid-East, and Africa.

He has been honored with one-man shows at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., the Kennedy Galleries in New York City, and many museums and galleries across the nation. Lincoln has been a member of the National Sculpture Society in New York since 1982.

Some of his sculpture commissions include a 17' piece for the Albuquerque International Airport; an 18' piece for the Fine Arts Museum of Albuquerque; a 23' piece for a university in Texas; and a 14' piece near Montgomery, Alabama, dedicated by President George Bush.

The Global Family Tree of Life, sanctioned by the United Nations (U.N.E.P.), is four stories tall. The Japanese prefecture of Aishi commissioned a 32-foot study, cast in metal-reinforced F.R.P. to be shown at their international park festival, held in Nagoya, Japan. Lincoln's powerful modeling reveals the "breath of life" in his work.

• Mid-America I Exhibition, Kansas City, Missouri (Sculpture Award)
• International Art & Craft Exhibition, McAllen, Taxas (Sculpture Award)
• 60th Annual National Competition of American Art, Jackson, Mississippi (Purchase Award)
• Southwest Fine Arts Biennial, Museum of New Mexico (Juror Award)
• First Contemporary International Exhibition, Chico, California
• Museum of Fine Arts, Riverside, California
• National Rendezvous of Western Art, Helena, Montana
• The West Returns to Grand Central, Grand Central Gallery, New York, New York
• National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center, Solon Borglum Memorial Sculpture Exhibition (Bronze Medal)
• One-Man Show - Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. (Two months, 46 pieces shown)
• One-Man Show – O'Brien's Art Emporium, Scottsdale, Arizona
• One-Man Show – Kennedy Galleries, New York, New York
• One-Man Show – Fine Arts Museum, Albuquerque, New Mexico
• One-Man Show – El Paso Fine Arts Museum, El Paso, Texas
• New Mexico in Toronto, Linda Durham Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
• Oklahoma Fine Arts Museum, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
• National Academy of Western Art, National Cowboy Hall of Fame, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
• Western Heritage Sale and Auction Show, Houston, Texas
• National Sculpture Society's Annual Exhibitions, New York, New York (Misner award, 1982; Bedi-Makky Prize, 1985)
• National Western Artists Annual Exhibitions, Lubbock, Texas (Silver Medal, 1984; Gold Medal, 1985)
• Grand National Exhibition, American Artists Professional League, New York, New York, (Medal of Honor)
• Member National Sculpture Society since 1982 (Advanced to "Fellow" 1990)
• National Western Artists Exhibitions
• Texas Cowboy Artists (Gold Medal, 1986; House Foundry Award, 1986)
• Listed in "Who's Who in American Art"
• Listed in "Men of Achievement", International Biographical Center, Cambridge, England
• Independent Study in Western Europe, Africa, Mediterranean and Mid-East
• Commission – "Before the Second Coming", 16'x15' relief (cold cast bronze), Ruidoso, New Mexico
• Commission – "Star Shooter", Franklin Mint, Franklin Center, Pennsylvania
• Commission – "Dream of Fight", 17' monument, Albuquerque International Airport, Albuquerque, New Mexico
• Commission – "The Shepherd", 18' monument, Albuquerque Fine Arts Museum, Albuquerque, New Mexico
• Commission – "In the Cool of the Day", 9' bronze, San Angelo, Texas
• Commission – "The Aspen Grove", 11' double arched doors of bronze, etched glass and hammered copper, Aspen, Colorado
• Commission – "Strength of One", 14' bronze fountain, near Montgomery, Alabama
• Commission – "Global Family Tree of Life", 32' monument. Sanctioned by U.N.E.P. Funded by Aishi prefecture, Japan. First displayed in Nagoya Japan's International Park Festival
• Commission – "The Quest", 23' monument, Angelo State University, San Angelo, Texas
• Commission – "Pioneer Woman", 12' monument for D.A.R. (Daughters of the American Revolution), Grand Junction, Colorado

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