Western Artist, James Regimbal, (1949), Bronze Sculpture, "Woodland Hunters" Ca 1991, #1389

$ 12,500.00

Western Artist, James Regimbal, (1949), Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture, "Woodland Hunters" Ca 1991, #1389

Description: #1389 Western Artist, James Regimbal, (1949), Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture, "Woodland Hunters) Ca 1991. A bronze sculpture depicting woodland hunters on wood base inscribed Jim. Only 7 editions were cast out of a projected total of 35, so this piece is relatively rare.

Dimensions: Hight: 18" Width: 20" Depth: 10.5", approximately 75 pounds.

Condition: Excellent for age.

James Regimbal strives to pass on the true story of our American heritage through his bronze sculpture. According to James: “Only the best of my work is good enough to be cast in bronze. Perfection from me, is the first step.”

Regimbal creates very detailed, historically accurate bronzes. Taking his inspiration from true to life western books and western movies. Regimbal has detailed all aspects of the cowboy's life from the pre-1900’s. Subjects such as packers, Indians, warriors, hunters, story tellers, cavalrymen and bronco busters have all been accurately portrayed down to the minutest details by this talented sculptor. Regimbal researches every detail - buckles, pack items, saddles - all in an attempt to bring to life each scene in history as if the viewer were actually there.

Regimbal's demand for excellence has resulted in hundreds of national and international collectors including the University of Montana Foundation, which has the complete collection of his works. The artist has received the George Phippen Award, and Southern Nevada Communications uses his bronzes for logos in their advertisements. It is Regimbal's desire that his sculptures will stand the test of time and keep alive a part of our romantic American history for many generations to come.
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